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If there are no cemetery regulations on color or an existing memorial you would like to match, then it becomes a decision of what color appeals to you more. Twin City Monuments stocks 16 granite colors that cover a variety of gray, black, red, and pink, including many Twin City Monuments custom granite colors. Remember when selecting a memorial with an etched design it is necessary to choose a darker black from the black family of granite. This granite is best for the application of an etching providing the available contrast and granite quality to insure a good etching scene or portrait of your choice.

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American Black Granite American Black  

This black granite with the white variegation veining is quarried in St. Peters, Pennsylvania. Sometimes called French Creek Black or Gem Mist, it has proven itself to be one of America’s most popular domestic monumental granites. Also, American black is a great material to use with etchings and company signs due to the contrasting white veins.


Autum Rose Granite Autumn Rose
A pinkish brown in color granite quarried in Mill Creek, Oklahoma. This material has proven itself to be an excellent monumental stone over the past 20 years. It takes a high polish and retains no visible moisture.
Dakota Mahogany Dakota Mahogany
A brown in color granite that has been proven to withstand the test of time. This granite is subject to some variegation. Quarried in South Dakota.
flash black Flash Black
A fine grained granite with some variegation, quarried in Africa.
A very dark black. Ideal for etchings or an elegant memorial. Quarried in Africa and also known as Dark Black or Zimbabwe Black.
grey cloud Gray Cloud
A very unusual white granite with a black swirl, this material is quarried at Lithonia, Georgia. Many people feel that it is a good granite substitute for some of the variegated marbles
A charcoal colored black granite with a medium grain, quarried in Africa.
keystone blue Deluxe Gray
This unique dark granite has been quarried since 1962 and is one of Elberton Georgia’s darker blues. The darker texture of this granite distinguishes it from other Elberton blues.
Keystone Green Dark Green
This medium grain granite offers a great variety from the normal granites. Dark Green is quarried in Quebec, Canada.
medium barre Medium Barre
Universally accepted, competitive grade of polished Barre material. Quarried in Barre, Vermont.
missouri red Missouri Red
One of the few domestic red granites, Missouri Red has been quarried in Graniteville, Missouri for over one hundred years. It has not only proved itself to be an excellent monumental granite, but is also an excellent building stone material. Because of it’s perfect contrast, many carving and lettering styles maybe used.
north american pink North American Pink
A competitively priced, medium-grained, rose granite quarried in Vermillon Bay, Ontario.
Salisbury Pink Salisbury Pink
A very soft pink granite quarried in Salisbury, North Carolina, this material has proven itself as an excellent monumental stone over the past 30 years. Because of its unusual color, many people have selected it for use with bronze accessories.
ST. ALBANS PINK St. Albans Pink
Quarried in Kershaw, South Carolina, this granite has been a very popular material to use under bronze markers. Now, many people are using it as a monumental material. An excellent weathering material for someone who wants something different.
Topaz Blue Topaz Blue
A quarry owned by Keystone Memorial of Elberton, GA produces one of the darkest blue-gray granites available. The fine grain gives an excellent contrast for sandblasting, carving, and lettering.
Wausau Red Wausau Red
A domestic red granite, quarried in Wausau, Wisconsin.